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もう見えない 深海よりもより深く そう深く 深く深く眠る明日

claudio the bear
1 December 1989
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;play with me


<3 kpop jrock alt/indie
<3 ridiculous mainstream hiphop
<3 80s junk and rock
<3 90s boy bands
<3 clothes kdramas chocolate gossipgirl coffee
<3 intelligent ~fangirling~ (disregard the fact this is an oxymoron)

I tend to bounce around in which fandoms I focus on, but once I'm in one I'm in it forever.
I live in LA. I go to school in NYC.
I'm a lit major concentrating in languages - not quite sure which, though. Poor grammar and spelling have a negative impact on my opinion. I do make exceptions, i.e. when flipping out about fandom, in which case BRING ON THE LULZ, BB, BRING ON THE LULZ.
I like nice people who have no desire for wank (unless it is to point and laugh) but have a strong sense of humor.
I dress like Eeteuk. I am a girl. D:

My life in a nutshell.

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